FIFA Street's 'The Street Network' is Facebook for FIFA soccer fans

FIFA Street Network
FIFA Street Network

It's too bad that the "FIFA Facebook" (FIFacebook?) branding would probably cost a boatload of cash. EA Sports announced that, when FIFA Street launches on March 13 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it will come with the Street Network. For all intents and purposes, it's a social network for FIFA Street players. Through the Street Network, players will share and compete with friends.

"Street soccer is all about the one-on-one battle, when you pull off a trick to roast your opponent," FIFA Street producer Sid Misra said in a release. "The Street Network brings that real-world swagger into the game by enabling players to capture video of those moments and share them with everyone in their street network to see, and providing friends with a way to compare each other throughout the game."

Through the Street Network, players will get to capture video of their best (or worst) plays and share it with their friends in-game over either Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. And just like on a traditional social network (ahem, Facebook), players will be able to track their friends' progress through the game's World Tour story mode and Head-to-Head Online seasons, as well as follow each other's status in EA Sports Football Club.

Players will proactively share their progress through the game, if they want to, as well. We doubt it's a coincidence that EA just happens to have a FIFA game on Facebook. FIFA Superstars is EA's (and Playfish's) top sports game on the social network, and the Street Network sounds a lot like interactions that FIFA Superstars players might have on Facebook. Granted, the Street Network packs far more robust features. "FIFacebook" ... what a missed opportunity.

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