FarmVille Money Trees now available: Earn 520 Farm Cash in a year

Do you remember that FarmVille Money Tree we brought you a sneak of just this morning? Well, it's now available in the game, and sure enough, it will allow you to double your investment of Farm Cash over one year's time, or 52 weeks.

The Money Tree costs 260 Farm Cash which is definitely a lot, but remember: it's an investment. Once you purchase it, you'll receive an automatic 26,000 experience points, and will then be started on a timer. After seven days, you'll be able to collect 10 Farm Cash from the tree. Wait another seven days and the tree will be ready to harvest for another 10 Farm Cash. And so the cycle goes, for all 52 weeks. At the end of this period, you will have earned 520 Farm Cash, which is exactly double your original investment.

The tree itself will be available in the market for the next two weeks, but you can purchase it at any time during that period to win the same reward. If you just so happen to purchase it a week after your friend, their 52 weeks will simply run out one week before yours. Ultimately, if you already purchase a lot of Farm Cash in FarmVille, this will likely be your dream come true, as it's a gift from Zynga in the amount of almost $50. Of course, you'll have to stick around for a whole year before receiving your entire reward, but if you're willing to shell out this kind of money in bulk, you probably aren't going anywhere anyway.

So what do you think, farmers? Will you purchase the FarmVille Money Tree to earn double the Farm Cash over a year's time, or would you rather use that 260 Farm Cash purchase price on multiple other items right now? Sound off in the comments.
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