FarmVille Cupid's Garden: Everything you need to know

We've had a week to gather Cupid's Arrows from our Romantic Carriages in FarmVille, and now it's finally time to put those arrows to good use, as the Cupid's Garden collection feature has officially launched in the game. Cupid's Garden is a large item that starts as just a few pebbles and some grass, but will transform over time to include a large gazebo and other fancy, love-centric decorations.

There are six items available within the Cupid's Garden, but like the Magic Snowman, you'll actually need to collect large groups of different kinds of items to earn some of them, rather than this being a situation where everything can be earned with just arrows. There are three different collectible items altogether, and while each goes to the overall growth of your Cupid's Garden (which will change in size and complexity from a visual standpoint), only two prizes go with each individual collectible:

Love Arrows

  • Heart Rose Bed - 5 Arrows

  • Smitten Stallion - 170 Arrows

Cupid Bows

  • Giant Cupid Tree - 35 Bows

  • Smitten Sheep - 75 Bows

Pair of Wings

  • Swan Pond - 15 Pairs of Wings

  • Smitten Cow - 100 Pairs of Wings

You can purchase any of these items for Farm Cash, or you can also ask for each individual ingredient via requests sent directly to friends. We haven't been given a time limit just yet for how long this feature will be available, but as we still have a few weeks before Valentine's Day itself arrives, you should have no problem earning enough items for your favorite prizes. Good luck!

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Are you excited about the prizes being offered through this Cupid's Garden event, or were you hoping for more individual items, rather than just six? Sound off in the comments.