Zynga tests Dream Heights, Dream PetHouse on Canadian App Store

Dream Heights iPhone
Dream Heights iPhone

Again, what's with Canadians having all the fun? If you're a Canadian iPhone or iPad gamer, you can now download Zynga's next two games for Apple devices: Dream Heights and Dream PetHouse. The San Franciscan social games giant launched both games on the Canadian App Store last week for free, and they both look to create a brand around "Dream", started with Zynga's successful Dream Zoo for iPhone and iPad.

However, both games at least look to capitalize on familiar social and mobile game trends, if not existing games. Dream Heights, for one, lets players build a skyscraper, create a "Sky Bridge," go shopping with their friends and create cozy apartments for their citizens. Aside from letting players out-build real world monuments like the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge, Dream Heights looks strikingly similar to NimbleBit's Tiny Tower sans the retro visuals and "BitBook".

Dream PetHouse, on the other hand, has players build a tree house filled with various woodland creatures, led by Chipper the Chipmunk. In addition to building and customizing a massive tree house with unique-looking trees, players will feed their forest pets and capture images of them in in-game family albums. Players can connect pet houses and visit their friends' trees to help them raise their pets. Frankly, Dream PetHouse is terribly reminiscent of Tecmo Koei's JollyWood on Facebook.

There's no guarantee that either of these games will hit the states, but based on past experience with games like ForestVille, it's more than likely. While the bottom half of North America not-so-patiently waits, enjoy your new Zynga games, Canada. No wonder everyone hates--wait, we're sorry! Please give us Canadian iTunes accounts?

Dream PetHouse iPhone iPad
Dream PetHouse iPhone iPad

Click here to download Dream Heights and here to download Dream PetHouse for Free Now >

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