Amazon's social games push is no joke, hiring more at A2Z studio

Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon Kindle Fire

It's no secret that Amazon, digital retailer extraordinaire and creator of the Kindle, wants in on that social game joint. But 2012 could be the year we see the fruits of the Seattle, Wash.-based company's labor. Xconomy found that Amazon has opened a game creation division within A2Z, the company's research and development arm, in Orange County, Calif.

Next to nothing is known about Amazon's big plans for social gaming. However, it's clear that the online seller doesn't want just a platform, but to make its own social games for "Android, iPhone, Kindle, and casual market places," according to the A2Z website. In fact, A2Z just called out for a game development engineer, a level game designer and a 3D animator. But Collapse! Blast maker GameHouse's president, Matt Hulett, doubts that Amazon would try to make its own hit games.

"Remember 'Minesweeper' on Microsoft Windows? Sometimes you need a couple of reference apps that are bundled in so that people know what to do," Hulett told Xconomy. "I just seriously doubt that Amazon would try to build its own hit games." But we seriously doubt Amazon would be interested in 3D animators if it didn't intend on creating its very own social games.

There's no doubt that, when Amazon's social game efforts go public, its new Kindle Fire tablet will be central to the movement. The digital retail giant thinks big, so you can bet Amazon has its cross hairs on Zynga, EA and perhaps even Google+ and Facebook. If that's the case, expect 2012 to heat up real quick.

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