This is your kid on video games, and it might not be so bad [Video]

Baby Gamer
Baby Gamer

Some of the more unfortunate readers might remember a line like this from their parents: "No, you're not getting an Atari! Those video games will make you stupid!" But are video games really that bad for little kids? Fox News Charlotte's Derek James decided to take a look at what effect video games might have on the little ones, introducing his adorable son as the guinea pig.

A study by the NPD Group estimated that the amount of gamers between 2 and 5 years old has jumped 17 percent since 2009. Maybe that's because today's new parents grew up with Atari or Nintendo, and want to pass on that addiction joy to their little ones. That said, James opted to ask a child psychologist about the effects of games on toddlers. The verdict? Check the video below:

[Via Kotaku]

[Image Credit: Destructoid]

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