The Sims Social The Quest for the Golden Dragon: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Adventure Week
The Sims Social Adventure Week

Put on your fedoras, kids, because it's Adventure Week in The Sims Social. And there are only a few days left to complete this week's themed quest in Playfish's top Facebook game. This week, players are sent on The Quest for the Golden Dragon, which is actually far easier than it sounds, and involves a lot less action than your average Indiana Jones flick.

For this seven-part quest, you'll need at least 300 simoleons and four neighbors, which we'd say is manageable. And lucky you, it's said that the quest can be completed in about two hours. So, without further delay, here's everything you need to know to finish The Quest for the Golden Dragon as fast as possible.

The Quest for the Golden Dragon Part 1

  • Become Inspired

  • Take 5 Online Archeology Classes

For your Sim to become inspired, you must fullfil all of its needs, meaning all of the buttons in the center of the screen are deep green. Clicking on any computer will reveal the option to take the Online Archaeology Class, but you can use neighbors' computers, too.

The Quest for the Golden Dragon Part 2

  • Forage in 3 Different Trashcans

  • Light Firewood on 3 Different Stoves

For this mission, you can forage in trashcans at home or in your friends' houses. The Firewood can be lit on normal and holiday stoves. For both tasks, just click the relevant item and choose the Forage or Light Firewood options.

The Sims Social Booby Trap
The Sims Social Venture Gloves
The Sims Social Altar
The Sims Social Treasure Chest

The Quest for the Golden Dragon Part 3

  • Have 10 Plans

  • Research Ancient Languages with 3 Different Bookshelves

For the first part of this mission, Plans drop from using Cooking and Writing skill items like the Stove or Computer. You can use your own Sim's bookshelf or your friends' bookshelves to complete the second task.

The Quest for the Golden Dragon Part 4

  • Have 3 Different Adventure Week Items

  • Excavate 6 Weeds/Plants in yards to find Piece of The Golden Dragon

  • Wash Hands 3 Times

To complete the first task, you can buy the same item three times from the Shop, so find the cheapest item and buy three of them. (The Venture Lantern is only 100 Simoleons.) You can wash your Sim's hands in any old sink multiple times. And you can dig up Plants or Weeds in both your own backyard and your neighbors' property.

The Quest for the Golden Dragon Part 5

  • Cook 5 Mud Pies

  • Have 8 Herbs

  • Offer Mud Pies to 3 Different Sims

You can use neighbors' Stoves to complete this first task, but only if you own the same type of Stove, so just do it at home. The same Stove will work multiple times to complete the task. To offer the Mud Pies to other Sims, just visit their homes and choose the Mud Pie option when clicking on them.

The Sims Social Venture Gloves reward
The Sims Social Venture Gloves reward

The Quest for the Golden Dragon Part 6

  • Have 8 Rubber Gloves

  • Have 8 Relaxations

  • Apologize About Mud Pie to 4 Sims

The Rubber Gloves come from cleaning dirty items and rummaging in trash cans, so you might already have the eight Gloves already. But you can also friends for them. Relaxations come from either sleeping or watching TV, but also come from asking friends directly. To apologize to fellow Sims, just visit them, click them and choose the relevant option.

The Quest for the Golden Dragon Part 7

  • Ask 2 Friends if They Have Experience

  • Have 8 Bling

  • Use Map 4 Times to Assemble Dragon

This first part of the task is completed by posting a News Feed through the quest window. Bling comes from mining Blue Plumbobs in your yard or opening Treasure Chests that randomly appear in your yard. You can also ask friends directly for more Bling. For the final task, Bella has the Map you need, so visit her house and git 'er done. Your reward for completing this quest line are the Venture Gloves, which unlock a secret handshake to use with your fellow Sims when visiting.

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