Pioneer Trail Frontier Bulletin Board: Everything you need to know

Do you remember the Newsstand feature in Pioneer Trail (then FrontierVille)? This feature allowed to you complete favors for your real world friends, but ultimately fell by the sidelines as folks simply got bored with it (or, more likely, got tired of waiting for all of those extra pop-ups to appear when visiting friends). Well, apparently virtual friends are much easier to help than real life ones, as Zynga has taken another stab at the favor idea via a new Bulletin Board you can build on your Homestead.

This Bulletin Board triggers the launch of the Frontier Favors feature in your game. After it's built, you'll see bright orange exclamation points above the heads of your virtual friends (Granny, Bess, Doc and so on) that indicate that person has a favor to ask of you. You can also view all available favors by looking inside the Bulletin Board. But wait! You'll need to build it first, which requires the following parts:

  • 10 Push Pins

  • 10 Cork Boards

  • 10 Colored Paper

  • 15 Wood Brackets

  • 15 Spare Lumber

  • 15 Pencils on a String

The Push Pins, Cork Boards and Colored Paper come from general news posts placed on your wall, while the other three items are earned through individual requests sent to your neighbors. After you start to accept favors, you'll find that the tasks vary between players, but are available on a daily basis (you can only have one favor active at once). Each favor goal that you accept will expire after two weeks, or you can simply dismiss a favor altogether if it comes with requirements that you don't want to complete. The only drawback here is that you won't receive that favor again, so if the prize was worthwhile, you might want to push through to the finish.

Once you finish a favor, you'll be rewarded with a prize that might include a new decoration for your land, a Mystery Animal Crate and so on. As an added bonus, you'll receive 5 Horseshoes for completing your very first favor (apparently, the folks at Zynga really wants this feature to take off and are willing to pay for that to happen). This comes through the only guaranteed goal that all users will receive (afterwards, the paths branch and players will experience different things).

Big Favors

  • Place & Complete the Bulletin Board

  • Obtain a Favor

  • Complete a Favor

On top of receiving the 5 Horseshoes like we said above, you'll also receive 500 XP and 500 coins for finishing this goal. From there, you're on your own to accept and complete as many (or as few) favors as you'd like.

This apparently marks just the first event in Pioneer Trail to use what Zynga is calling the "Dynamic Quest System." We'll make sure to let you know if and when additional features use this "random" setup as well, so keep checking back with us.

What do you think of the Frontier Favors / Bulletin Board feature in Pioneer Trail? Will you complete a single favor just for the Horseshoes, or are you genuinely interested in this new feature? Sound off in the comments.