FarmVille Mystery Game (01/22/12): Chinese New Year Animals up for grabs

As one final bit of celebration for the Chinese New Year holiday in FarmVille, we've seen this week's Mystery Game updated with animals in a Chinese theme. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a free dart has been given away to users just yet, as rapid refreshing has resulted in no such luck so far this evening. If that remains the case, we'll be stuck paying 20 Farm Cash per dart to pop a balloon on the board. If you are willing to do just that, you'll have a chance at one of the following animals:

Sun Bear
Mongolian Gazelle
Golden Pheasant
Chow Chow

If you can win one of each of these items (an expensive prospect, considering that duplicates are possible in your quest for them all), you'll receive a special Mountain Dog as your final prize. Interestingly, if you like some of these animals but don't want to pay the Farm Cash for them, you might want to try and grab as many of your friends' Mystery Babies from wall posts as you can, as you might be lucky enough to find some of these animals inside (for instance, the Manul comes from Pet Run Mystery Babies, as I received one a couple of days prior to the launch of this Mystery Game).

Either way, if you're out to receive these animals and the Mountain Dog this week, you'll want to play the game as quickly as possible, as next Sunday will see the game transition to a new set of items (possibly Valentine's Day in theme?). Whatever those items are, we'll make sure to let you know when the time comes.

What do you think of this week's Mystery Game? Are the animals worth throwing real money (via Darts) at the board? Sound off in the comments.