Soda pop promotion offers free Facebook Credits in every bottle

Dr Pepper/Seven Up is delivering the sweetest giveaway for Facebook gamers with their following sodas: Sunkist, 7UP, Sun Drop, A&W Root Beer, and Canada Dry Ginger Ale. From this month until June 30th, if you spot a green bottle cap on a 20-ounce soda bottle of the aforementioned beverages, snatch it up because that might your chance to win $500 USD's worth of free Facebook Credits, which can be converted for use in any game on Facebook.

The promotion, called Flavor Credits, has seven prize levels from A to G that range from 5 to 5,000 Facebook Credits. According to the official rules, if your code doesn't happen to be a winner, you'll still get 1 free Facebook Credit out of it as a consolation prize. Sadly, only US-based Facebook users are eligible for this offer. But the good news for those who can benefit from this promotion is that there's a way you can get a free code without hunting for soda caps -- just send a hand-written 3"x5" card with your name, address, phone number (with area code), birthday, and email address to:

Facebook Credits Program
c/o YOU Technology
701 Gateway Blvd, Ste. 101
South San Francisco, CA 94080

While the company doesn't say how often you can request a free code, you should know you're limited to redeeming only 3 codes per day. So start writing up cards and buying soda. And if you don't play Facebook games, be so kind as to pass on your bottle caps to someone who does. I guarantee that they'll jump at the chance to convert those FB Credits into some free Simoleons or Farm Cash.

To redeem your codes, go to According to the app's automatically generated Facebook fan page, 50K people are currently signed up for it.

[Hat-tip: The Sims Social Fansite]

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