Want a better inventory menu in CityVille? Get ready to pay up

Why? Because they actually make your CityVille inventory usable - imagine that! While changing the way items are counted in our inventory was one thing, Zynga looks to finally be ready to overhaul the inventory system in CityVille, giving us a chance to store double the items, sort items by category and type and more. Unfortunately, if you want this feature immediately, you'll have to pay for it.

Now, before we all storm the proverbial castle with our torches and pitchforks, keep in mind that these updates will eventually be available to everyone "soon." In the meantime, if you want any of them, you'll need to shell out 30 City Cash for the instant access. When this feature does roll out, we'll be able to store up to 4,000 items, rather than 2,000, but that's just the first of the upgrades.

With the new upgrades, we'll be able to sort items by category, like "Community Buildings," "Consumables" (like energy batteries), "Residences" and even "Recent," which will sort your items based on the time they were added to your inventory. Want to pull out that statue you just received for finishing a goal? Well, you would no longer have to search through page after page of items - just look at the "Recent" tab and voila! It will be right there.

Unfortunately, a search option isn't available in this new setup, which is downright mind-boggling when considering that even a game like Pioneer Trail, which has just as many (if not more) items that could possibly be in one's inventory has a search menu (the actual function of that search option notwithstanding). Could it be that search will be added later? Perhaps, but the immediate lack of it is disappointing to say the least.

Also, there's no telling whether or not this window will save our places when browsing. In the inventory menu's current state, being forced to scroll through pages of items when using more than one of the same item is annoying at best, and even with these category sorters, that still might not be enough if someone tends to hoard items for future use. Once this starts to roll out to users for free, you can be sure that will be the first thing we check.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of these upcoming changes in the comments. Will you purchase the inventory upgrades for 30 City Cash, or will you let them roll out on their own later? Sound off in the comments.