CityVille Finishing the Great Pyramids: Everything you need to know

So, you've slaved away in CityVille for weeks, and have finally finished the Moscow Mansion, Venetian Palace and Shanghai Center, and are ready to build the Great Pyramids wonder in your town. Luckily, you can now do just that and will receive a pretty cool bonus in the process.

Once you finish all three of the above buildings, you'll be able to place the actual Great Pyramids structure in your town. This building comes with three temporary bonuses that can be activated like an Attraction (that is, you can collect Keys to recharge these boosts, or wait for a lengthy timer to "cooldown" automatically). The three boosts are:

  • 10 Payout on Vacation Homes

  • 5x Payout on Regional Buildings

  • +25% Payout to all other Businesses

Each time you wish to receive these bonuses (and the Great Pyramid isn't currently cooling down), you'll need to start these effects by spending three energy. From there, you have three minutes to collect as much bonus cash in your city as possible, by simply collecting from businesses and homes that fall into the above categories. The Great Pyramid doesn't need to be sitting next to something to work, as it works across your entire town. However, keep in mind that unlike Attractions, you can only have one of these Wonder bonuses active in your town at once (you can also extend its bonus by purchasing more time with City Cash).

All told, this is an incredibly functional new building, but whether or not it's truly worth dropping everything else to complete will be up to you. This feature doesn't appear to have a time limit, so if you've yet to start working on any of the three buildings required to unlock the Great Pyramids wonder, I wouldn't worry about it. Just come back to it when you're ready and it will be waiting for you.

What do you think of the bonuses that come with the Great Pyramid wonder? Which of the three buildings have you already completed in an effort to unlock this wonder? Sound off in the comments.