FarmVille: Winter Wildlife Habitat and Zoo now available

And with that, the set is complete! For the past few weeks, we've been keeping track of the release of Winter-themed animal storage buildings in FarmVille, and this weekend sees the completion of the set as winter versions of the Wildlife Habitat and Zoo are now available to purchase in the store.

Each one of these costs 1,000 coins to build, and from there requires 30 building ingredients to actually finish. In the case of the Winter Wildlife Habitat, you'll need 10 each of Fence Posts, Shrubs and Grazing Grass. When you gather all of those you'll receive a free White Holiday Reindeer as a prize. You can start expanding the building immediately, taking your 20 animal storage limit to 30 and 40 by collecting more and more of each building ingredient above. To be specific, you'll need 15 of each ingredient for the first expansion, and 20 of each for the final expansion.

As for the Winter Zoo, this one has an identical setup, with the exception of different building materials. You'll need 10 Wrenches, 10 Shrubs and 10 Pipes to finish one off, and will receive a Snow Leopard as your prize for finishing it. Again, you can expand it by collecting more building materials (in the same process outlined above), eventually allowing you to hold up to 40 animals in a single Zoo.

With the release of these two buildings, we've seen storage options aplenty of our many animals in Winter Wonderland (or elsewhere), but what about themed breeding buildings for Sheep or Pigs? Will those come next, or not at all? We'll make sure to let you know if we hear any rumblings of those buildings being worked on in the future, so keep checking back with us!

What do you think of these Winter Wildlife Habitats and Zoo? Will you build one or more of each across your farms? Sound off in the comments.