Gardens of Time: Celebrate Chinese New Year with new chapter

In keeping with tradition in Gardens of Time, Playdom has released a new limited edition chapter of scenes and items in the game to celebrate the upcoming holiday: Chinese (Lunar) New Year. This limited edition chapter costs Time Crystals to unlock - five to be exact, and comes with three scenes.

One scene is of a natural landscape with pandas, another is of a traditional dragon parade and finally, the third shows the celebration at the Canton Tower. As usual, if you can completely master each individual scene, you'll receive prizes for each along the way. Master all three scenes and you'll receive the ultimate prize: the Canton Tower.

If you receive emails about the game, also be on a lookout for an email advertising this new chapter, as it comes with a link to claim a free Kumquat Tree for your garden. Finally, check out the in-game store for even more Chinese New Year items that can be used to decorate your garden (just remember - you'll need Gold to buy them all).

This limited edition chapter will only be available for the next 16 days, so if you have the Time Crystals to unlock it (you can ask your friends to send you some, if not), make sure to do so quickly so you have a chance of completing everything in time for the big prizes! Good luck!

Will you unlock this Chinese New Year chapter in Gardens of Time, or do the rewards for this one just not interest you? Sound off in the comments.

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