Gardens of Time: Join the Inner Circle for $15 a month

Even though Facebook games are no longer in their infancy, the idea of a premium, monthly subscription is still incredibly rare on the platform. Playdom looks to buck that tradition by offering the Inner Circle club in Gardens of Time, a premium subscription option to the game with exclusive rewards, priced at $15 a month (coincidentally, Playdom was also the creator of Wild Ones, another game that tried the premium membership option back in 2010). Note: This is entirely voluntary - you don't have to subscribe to keep playing the game, you just won't receive the rewards listed below.

With Playdom now laying claim to only 14.8 million monthly players across its entire network of Facebook games (according to AppData), it makes sense that it would go for the big money in Gardens of Time, its most popular game with 7.2 million monthly players. But before we start questioning whether or not this was really a good idea, let's look at what you'll receive for your $15 a month fee.

  • 70 free Gold every month

  • Sneak Peeks and Early Access to the game's premium content

  • Special "Garden Item of the Month" exclusive to the Inner Circle

  • "... And more"

January's Garden Item is the London Eye (yes, the famous landmark), and it offers 1,730 Reputation Points for your Garden. In addition, if you subscribe now, you'll receive your first month for only $10, rather than the full price of $15. Since the Garden Items are hard to put a price on (given that they won't be available for purchase anywhere else), let's go straight for the Gold.

With the game's current exchange rate on Gold, 70 Gold is around $17 bucks. From that alone, we can see that there's a true savings to be found here, but how many players are active enough to shell out that kind of money on a monthly basis, actually making this worthwhile? It will be interesting to see player reactions from this move, and you can be sure we'll let you know if it backfires. To learn more about the technical, billing specifications of the Inner Circle, check out Playdom's website.

Will you pay $15 a month to join the Inner Circle?
Alright gamers, what do you think of this Inner Circle in Gardens of Time? Will you take the plunge and dedicate $15 a month to the game, or are you just a casual player? What do you think of premium subscriptions in Facebook games in general? Sound off in the comments.

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