FarmVille: Earn 10% more Farm Cash in current promotion


Really Zynga? Is 10% really all you could spare? Regardless, if you're in the market for some Farm Cash in FarmVille and want to purchase some before Monday night, you can now earn 10% more with each purchase. This only applies to Zynga Game Cards redeemed on the site, or eCards purchased online / received as a gift through email.

Since Zynga always advertises these promotions as "sales," let's clarify something. That's nothing more than creative writing on the part of the big Z. Your full purchase price of the Zynga Game Card or eCard will be redeemed within the game, you'll simply receive 10% more Farm Cash when you redeem. In this way, it's really like saying each card is worth 110% of its Farm Cash value, rather than Farm Cash being "on sale," which implies you're spending less money. That simply isn't the case.

Still, if you're able to take part in this promotion, make sure you do so by the end of the day on January 23 (that's Monday, for those keeping score), or else you'll only receive the standard redemption amount, without the bonus. And don't worry - if a better deal launches, offering more than just 10% extra Farm Cash, we'll make sure to let you know.

Will you take this chance to receive 10% extra Farm Cash this weekend, or is the deal simply not good enough for you to spend the real world cash? Sound off in the comments.