44 Percent Of Workers Would Move For A Job; New Site Helps With Relocation

relocation new job assistanceBy Debra Auerbach

I consider myself a true Midwestern girl, having never lived in another region of the country. So there have been numerous times when I've had the itch to shake things up and move somewhere else, even if just for a few years.

Relocating to another city or state can present some challenges, but it also provides opportunities, especially for job seekers continuing to hit dead ends in their current job market. In fact, a recent CareerBuilder study found that 44 percent of workers would be willing to relocate for a career opportunity. And employers are willing to help, especially those that are struggling to find workers to fill skilled positions. Thirty-two percent of employers surveyed said they would be willing to pay to relocate new employees in 2012.

The top areas for which employers are most likely to pay

For those workers willing to consider making a move, they now have an easier way to find markets with the greatest demand for their skills and assess costs of moving to and living in a particular area. CareerBuilder just launched a new website, CareerRelocate.com, where workers can:

  • Run a simple keyword or category search and view a map detailing where the most and fewest opportunities are for their line of work.

  • View actual relocation opportunities in different cities.

  • Learn what they would need to earn in order to maintain their current standard of living in another city.

  • Research homes, property values, mortgage quotes, moving and storage costs.

  • Tap into articles and advice on relocating and hiring trends.

Do workers who've relocated in the past regret it, or are they glad they made the move?

Now that I'm settled in Chicago, I don't foresee myself relocating any time soon. But for job seekers who do have that itch, it's good to know sites like CareerRelocate exist to help take some of the stress out of such a life- and career-changing move.

Check out the full infographic on relocation.

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