Pioneer Trail Irrigation Station: Everything you need to know


As any Pioneer Trail player knows, there's a huge focus in the game on planting and harvesting crops for goals, mastery points and more. However, some of those crops can take an awfully long time to grow (days, even), and can take up tons of land space in the process. If you're above Level 10 and want to speed up the process of your crops' growth, you can now do so by either purchasing or building the new Irrigation Station.

The Irrigation Station can be built by first placing the base on your Homestead. From there, you'll need to collect building materials with your friends' help:

  • 10 Gold Valves

  • 10 Shiny Faucets

  • 10 Iron Grates

  • 10 Circulation Pumps

  • 15 Rain Catchers

  • 15 Vat Boards

  • 15 Copper Tubing

That's a lot of items, but you have to think about this item's boost, that being 20% faster crop growth when finished. You'll earn the Rain Catchers, Vat Boards and Copper Tubing pieces by sending out individual requests to friends, while the rest of the items come from general news items posted on your wall. If you choose not to build it manually, you can also purchase a finished Irrigation Station outright for 200 Horseshoes.

Once the station is complete, each and every crop you plant on your Homestead will grow 20% faster than normal. This doesn't appear to work on crops within your Greenhouse, as technically those aren't touching the Irrigation Station which is back "outside." Still, for the rest of your crops, this is a great bonus if you're trying to catch up on a lot of crop-growth tasks for goals in as quick a time as possible.

So what do you think? Will you take the time to build the Irrigation Station, or will you just buy one with Horseshoes? Or, will you skip this item entirely? Sound off in the comments.