Ninja Farm on iPhone: Because that's what farming simulators need

Ninja Farm on iPhone
Actually, we were going to say what farming simulators need is, well, no more farming simulators. But Tokyo-based social and mobile game maker CyberAgent seems to think that the genre hasn't beaten into the ground enough just yet. Enter Ninja Farm, a free-to-play--you guessed it--farming simulator available for iPhone and iPad for free.

In Ninja Farm, players create a decorative farm with which to harvest ninjas ... seriously. Players can decorate their farms with various items and buildings, and there are over 20 different ninjas to plant. This is important, because each type of ninja has different statistics and abilities for use in battle. The ultimate goal in Ninja Farm is to reclaim the legendary Dragon Sword from the evil Shogun.
Ninja Farm fighting
Almost separate from the farming portion of Ninja Farm is an arcade-style battler game. It's here that players will use their harvested ninja army to fight over 50 enemies (including 10 bosses) across 50 stages. The layout of this fighting side game looks terribly reminiscent of classics like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, but players can launch several ninjas at an enemy at once. Admittedly, sending several ninja at a giant purple demon does look pretty dang cool.

But we can't help but wonder why ninjas were necessary in a farming game. Couldn't this just as easily have been "Ninja Academy," or has farming become so synonymous with "free" that developers simply can't avoid it. (Look, at least The Playforge's Zombie Farm made sense since, you know, zombies come from underground.) Anyway, if plucking ninja warriors from the ground sounds appealing to you, here's the download link:

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