Game of the Day: Ice Breaker

ice breaker game of the day
In today's Game of the Day your Viking brothers are trapped in ice. But don't worry, even though they're frozen, they aren't dead yet and can still be rescued. It's your job to save them using some critical thinking and delicate ice cutting. Should you fail, and allow the Vikings to perish to the cold Arctic Sea or enemies, I hold you directly responsible. So lets get these lost Vikings home to their loved ones.

This game isn't to be confused with our own match three game, Ice Breakers. Nitrome's Ice Breaker is an entirely different game and it's just as awesome. Ice Breaker mixes strategic thinking with the need for a steady, quick cutting hand. And if you plan on saving all those poor frozen Vikings, you're going to need both. Give Ice Breaker a shot below.

Click here to play Nitrome's Ice Breaker!
ice breaker game of the dayice breaker game of the day
Did you manage to finish all the levels in Ice Breaker?
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