FarmVille Winter Pet Run: Everything you need to know

On top of coin expansions being launched across our farms, another bit of good news hit FarmVille this week with the launch of the Winter Pet Run animal storage building. The Winter Pet Run costs 1,000 coins to purchase from the store (you can only build one at a time), and it can be built just as the previous (read: normal) Pet Run habitat can be. You'll need to gather 10 each of Painted Wood, Water Pumps and Fence Posts.

Once you complete the construction of the Winter Pet Run, you'll be able to store 20 animals inside so long as those animals are in the cat, rabbit or dog categories, along with other small animals like a Hedgehog, as an example. You'll also receive a free Holiday St. Bernard as a free gift for completing it.

You can immediately work on expanding your Winter Pet Run to store more animals, with the first expansion requiring you to collect 15 each of the above building materials. Afterwards, the Pet Run will store 30 animals, rather than 20. If you're ready to expand yet again, you can do so with 20 each of the three materials, taking the Pet Run to its maximum capacity of 40 animals. Of course, if that's still not enough room, you are more than welcome to build another Pet Run on your farm.

With the launch of this Pet Run, we've almost received the full lineup of winter animal storage buildings, and are just missing a Zoo and Wildlife Habitat. These buildings seem to be launching fairly frequently, so we'll make sure to let you know when the Zoo and Wildlife Habitat launch just as soon as we know more.

Are you excited to see a Winter Pet Run released in FarmVille? How many will you build across your farms? Sound off in the comments.