FarmVille fans, you've been heard: New coin expansions for all farms

FarmVille Coin Expansions
FarmVille Coin Expansions

Will you look at that: Whining on the FarmVille forums and Facebook fan page finally did some good. A new loading screen image that only a few players had the pleasure to be greeted by in-game has appeared. Coin expansions for all farms will soon be available for all players. And, according to Zynga, they're all on sale.

Though, we're not about to consider 5 million coins for the Home Farm's 34 by 34 Exciting Expanse upgrade a "sale". Regardless, this change is much more welcome than, say, expansions for Farm Cash. That's especially considering there are no strings attached to the expansions: No additional friends, referrals or permits are needed to expand your farmland with coins.

What's most interesting about the update is that the loading screen has a stamp on it that reads "Player Requested." Clearly, this is something that FarmVille players have clamored for from Zynga for some time, and the forums show as much. "I just want to say a huge 'THANK YOU' to Zynga for finally giving us coin expansions, without needing any more neighbors," FarmVille forum user IngeB wrote. "'THANK YOU', this is very much appreciated! Just hope there is NO time limit..." If that's all it takes to get a "thank you," well it's about damn time.

Are you psyched that coin expansions will soon hit your farm (if not already)? What other "Player Requested" features do you hope come to FarmVille? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.