CityVille: Play Hidden Chronicles for Zoning Permits and Mansion

And so it officially begins... While we knew it was only a matter of time before Zynga released cross-promotions across its games to advertise Hidden Chronicles, the only one we actually knew about was one in FarmVille, offering 10 free Unwithers if players took a chance on Zynga's mystery-filled hidden object game. Now, the promotion has come to CityVille.

If you're a CityVille player that's willing to play Hidden Chronicles until at least Level 5, you'll receive five free Zoning Permits for your time. Sure, that's not a very large prize, but the exclusive Hidden Chronicles Mansion will help to fill in that gap.

While this offer is currently going out through emails, you might need to wait until a pop-up arrives in your game letting you know that the promotion is officially available in your game. When you do finally receive your prizes, you'll find that the Hidden Chronicles mansion offers 1,000 citizens to your town. Pretty great for a free item, wouldn't you say? We'll make sure to let you know when similar promotions launch in other Zynga games, so keep checking back with us!

Will you play Hidden Chronicles for these free items in CityVille? Sound off in the comments.