CastleVille: Celebrate Chinese New Year with exclusive themed items

With FarmVille and CityVille already being in the Chinese New Year spirit, it's not surprising that CastleVille has joined suit, as Zynga has released a new limited edition Chinese New Year item theme into the game's marketplace. There are clothing items for your avatar, animals and more available to purchase and as usual, we're here with a complete look at these items, along with their prices.

Dragon Body Statue - 30 Reputation Hearts
Dragon Hat - 6 Crowns
Dragon Tail Statue - 750 coins
Dragoness Blouse - 10 Crowns
Dragoness Dress - 10 Crowns
Dragoness Headdress - 8 Crowns
Empress Dress - 12 Crowns
Empress Hat - 8 Crowns

Long Sleeve Empress Dress - 12 Crowns
Silk Komono - 10 Crowns
Silk Pants - 8 Crowns
Dragon Fence - 500 coins
Chicken in a Suit - 20 Crowns
Chinese Pavilion - 50 Crowns
Chinese Rug - 500 coins
Chinese Wishing Well - 16 Crowns

Dragoat - 35 Crowns
Kimono Pig - 24 Crowns
Bamboo - 500 coins
Chinese Lantern - 1,000 coins
Dragon Pole - 1,500 coins
Gong - 10 Crowns
Peonies - 500 coins
Stuffed Panda - 12 Crowns

As you can see, there are actually quite a few items available here for coins, but there's an interesting missing piece as of this writing - the Dragon Head Statue. Perhaps this will come as a quest reward later down the line? It's not on the game's free gifts page, so unless it will be released in a future Chinese New Year item update, this might turn out to be an oversight on the part of Zynga (also, I don't think the Dragon Skull or Dragon Horn, non-limited edition items in the store count for this). Either way, we'll make sure to let you know if the Chinese / Lunar New Year theme grows any larger in CastleVille, so keep checking back with us!

UPDATE: Aha! We were right! The Dragon Head Statue does come as a quest reward for finishing the Chinese New Year quests!

Will you purchase any of these Chinese New Year items for your avatar or kingdom in CastleVille? Which ones are your favorites, and which ones will you skip altogether? Sound off in the comments.