Fans freak at PopCap for closing Baking Life, start an online petition

Baking Life shut down
Baking Life shut down

PopCap hasn't been very sweet to Baking Life fans lately. If you ask them, EA's casual games maker has been downright rotten. Go ahead and ask them: When ZipZapPlay (PopCap property now) posted the sullen announcement that it would close Baking Life on the game's forum, players posted 12 pages worth of responses in furious, fanboy and girl-fueled rage. But some fans appear to be just plain depressed.

"It's sad that you would close a game that so many people have grown to love and with so little notice. It seems as though all the games I have grown to love are being shut down with not so much as a by-your-leave," Baking Life forum user TonyaLS wrote. "I won't waste my time throwing a tantrum, because you obviously don't care that the other games you are offering are nothing like this game and if we were interested in them, we would already be playing them."

What's interesting is the period in Baking Life's, um, life that PopCap and EA decided to pull the plug. As of this writing, the game is home to 730,000 monthly players, according to AppData. When both companies announced on the forums that the game would be no more on Jan. 31 (about a month ago), Baking Life had nearly 1 million monthly players. Normally, player numbers are far lower before a company decides to drop support of a Facebook game entirely.

Almost immediately after Baking Life was pronounced dead, so to speak, players began an online petition to thwart the shutdown of their favorite Facebook game. You can sign the petition here. With just 806 signatures so far, it can use all the support it can get.

Are you sad to see Baking Life go? Why do you think PopCap decided to drop the game at this point in its life? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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