Triple Town hits mobile threefold: Now on iPhone, iPad and Android

Triple Town iPhone
Triple Town iPhone

For all intents and purposes, Triple Town is killing it. Between numerous game of the year nods and nominations, its Facebook version picked up by Playdom and now its triple whammy on mobile, Triple Town just might be the next big social game. Spry Fox has released its now flagship game for iPhone, iPad and Android for absolutely free, just like on Facebook and Google+.

For both iOS and Android, the game is essentially the same, taking the classic match-three play style and applying a city building component. Players match like objects to create improved, single objects, both leaving space for more and scoring points. But adorable little bears will invariably invade your town and hop around. Luckily, you can off them by trapping them between objects.

The goal is to turn a fledgling village into a bustling kingdom with an increasingly limited amount of moves. However, there has been one key change to the Triple Town formula. We're told by Spry Fox CEO David Edery that players can purchase an unlimited amount of turns, so they can play both on and offline.

For the moment, Triple Town is a standalone experience from those on social networks ... for the moment. Seriously, pick this one up. You'll thank us later. Spry Fox's Daniel Cook told us before that the time for indie developers on Facebook is over, and ended up proving himself wrong (which is a very, very good thing).

Click here to download Triple Town for iOS and here for Android Now >

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