The Sims Social plugs Risk: Factions with a free arcade machine

Sims Social Risk: Factions arcade
Sims Social Risk: Factions arcade

From parodying Starcraft 2 to offering free rewards for liking the official Risk: Factions fan page, EA and Playfish have tried their best to work up the fervor prior to the launch of their latest Facebook game.

But the most effective advertisement might be this free Risk: Factions arcade machine released today in The Sims Social.

We haven't gotten one of these designer game machines since the Pogo promotion last fall. And of course, The Sims Social has three other arcade machines available in shop: Quarter Back (a generic machine sporting a cutesy animal cabinet) and the two Prance Prance Humiliation machines (a homage to Dance Dance Revolution) that came out during the game's Japan Week.

Like the Quarter Back, The Risk: Factions arcade adds 1550 House Points to your House Value and can be sold off for 150 Simoleons. Arcades may be a dying breed in the real world, but I'm sure there's plenty of players eager to build a collection or a personal virtual arcade for their Sims to hang out in.

To grab your free Risk: Factions arcade machine, log into your Facebook account and click here.

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