Sweet Shop: Collect ingredients and create tasty sweets for free on iOS

When Playfirst shuttered Chocolatier: Sweet Society on Facebook back in April, gamers were left with a lack of ingredient-focused sweets-making in their lives. If you were a fan of Playfirst's previous Facebook game, you'll be happy to know that a similar game has been released on iPhone and iPad by Breaktime Studios. The game? Sweet Shop.

This freemium title places you in the role of an up-and-coming candy-maker, out to grow your tiny shop into the best Sweets Shoppe around. You'll be able to create things like sour lemon candies, hot pepper candies, rock candy, suckers, chocolate hearts, gummies, jelly beans and much more. Each batch of a specific candy requires a different amount of ingredients, with ingredients being available to purchase outright form the store, or by purchasing plants (with premium currency) that will grow these ingredients for free continuously (so long as you continue to collect from these plants when they're ripe).

Once you have enough ingredients to create a specific dish, you'll play a very short mini-game, asking you to tap on the screen as a meter moves into a green area. Doing so grants you bonus candy in that particular batch. You'll need to have individual tables and kettles for each batch of candy you wish to sell (even if the candy is the same kind as one already for sale), but you'll be limited to the number of kettles you can own based on the size of your shop.

Quests are available to constantly give you goals to complete (craft a specific kind of candy, buy specific ingredients and so on), and you'll receive Gems (the game's premium currency) for completing some of them. Premium currency, aside from purchasing ingredient plants, also allows you to purchase premium decorations for your store, unlock items that are locked until you can level up, or speed up the process of a current batch of candy.


While Sweet Shop doesn't offer integration with Facebook as of this writing, you can invite neighbors based on specific email addresses or from your Game Center list. Visiting friends allows you to leave gifts and receive some in return, like free ingredients. If you don't have any friends currently playing the game, you can visit community neighbors (strangers) to achieve the same effect.

While iOS isn't without its fair share of cooking sims, there's a cute charm to Sweet Shop's graphics that makes the game pretty appealing. If this sounds like the game for you, make sure to download it for free from iTunes now.

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Have you tried out Sweet Shop on your iPhone or iPad, or have you had enough of the cooking simulation genre for now? Sound off in the comments.

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