Ludia makes another Facebook game wager with Press Your Luck

Press Your Luck As far as obscure game shows go, Press Your Luck is pretty close to the top. And leave it to social game maker Ludia to bring right back to the forefront of our minds. Ludia recently launched a Facebook game revival of Press Your Luck, and it's just about everything you'd expect. Players get to compete in "episodes" in real time over pop culture trivia and a bit of strategy.

When players start an episode, they're randomly paired with a number of players online at any given moment, and the game randomly chooses one monetary value between the dreaded "Whammy" and $1,000. Then, all players are asked the same question, which usually is an obscure pop culture reference, such as "Who was on the cover of the April 2006 issue of Maxim Magazine?" (At that point, all you can do is guess ... unless you're a big Maxim fan, we guess.)

When the Whammy question is asked, any player who answers incorrectly will lose all of their winnings thus far. Luckily, before each episode you're given the option to bring two wild cards with you, but you must have friends to do so. The more friends you have in Press Your Luck, the more wild cards you can take, but only up to two per episode.
Press Your Luck gameplay
Once the trivia round is over, it's on to the final round, in which three players can either press a buzzer for it to land on a random tile--be it cash money or another Whammy--or pass the buzzer to another player. Once the final winner is decided, players can share their achievements to their friends and invite them to join in. Following the announcement of a Ludia-made Jurassic Park game coming in 2012, Press Your Luck is an entertaining, animated diversion until Jurassic Park day comes. OK, maybe we're too excited about a Jurassic Park game.

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