Booyah's Pet Town for iPhone, iPad asks, 'What if pets were real?'

Pet Town iPhone iPad
Pet Town iPhone iPad

Yeah ... we don't get the question either. At any rate, mobile social game maker Booyah released Pet Town for free on iPhone and iPad. This next entry in the San Francisco-based developer's "Town" series allows players to manage a city of sentient pets, help them make friends with other pets and fulfill their wildest dreams.

Technically, the game isn't brand new: Booyah soft-launched Pet Town in Canada to receive feedback on the game before its U.S. release. Players in Pet Town can open new businesses for their pet citizens (petizens?) to run, help them find their soul mates and go on vacations with their pets into the "Real-World". We imagine the latter means that Booyah's signature location-based game elements are featured in Pet Town.

Booyah has seen a resurgence in its "Town" franchise with MyTown 2, a location-based city simulator that was recently updated with numerous social features. According to VentureBeat, Booyah's flagship city game is number one in its category on the App Store, and has been played by more than 3.5 million people. "It's exciting to see our creative teams deliver such a unique and innovative take on this popular style of play," new Booyah CEO Jason Willig told VentureBeat.

The company says that it has opened a new studio in Seattle, and now has four different development teams working on new mobile games for 2012. And now that Zynga has four more mobile game creators under its belt, the heat is on more than ever.

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