Compete for cash and prizes in Let's Make a Deal on Facebook

Way back in May of 2011, we learned that Gamehouse would be bringing popular television show Let's Make a Deal to Facebook. The game was supposed to launch last fall, but that ultimately never happened. Now that we're into the new year, the game has finally seen the light of day, with Let's Make a Deal now being playable on Facebook.

The game features the likeness and voice talents of TV Show host Wayne Brady (I thought he didn't like social games?), with the gameplay itself being split into various mini-games. Each task within each mini-game can earn you either cash and prizes or Zonks, the infamous horrible prizes from the show. Within mini-games, activating Zonks pulls away from one of your three lives, but you can "Buyout" your current profits at any time if you're afraid another Zonk is right around the corner. Each mini-game has a different number of rounds to complete, with each round becoming more complex (but also more valuable) in the process. If you can win three mini-games in a single show (a show costs 1 Game Token, which recharges daily), you'll go on to try for the Big Deal which contains even more valuable prizes still.

The specific mini-games come in multiple forms, with one being a take on Tic-Tac-Toe, and another offering you timed match-three gameplay where the symbols or gems are replaced by dollar amounts and time bonuses. There's a box balancing game that sees you clicking to release boxes onto a tower (as you try to not let the tower of boxes topple), a memory match game and so on. You can choose your next game randomly (via the press of the random button), or you can choose your game manually, allowing you to continue playing those games you really excel in, if all you care about is profits.

At the end of every game (if you didn't choose to Buyout your progress), you'll be given the option to keep your prizes or trade them in for one of the prizes behind three marked curtains. Zonks here are very real, and will cause you to lose everything you've earned in that round.

As you win prizes like dining room sets, vacations and even costumes for your avatar (as in the show, your avatar can be dressed in various Halloween costumes like cows, doctors, bottles of ketchup and so on), they'll go into the game's in-depth collection system. You'll come across duplicate prizes which can be sent to friends to fill out their own collections, and as you complete various stages in each collection (they're separated based on their theme - vacation items, household products, etc.), you'll unlock more and more items to collect. Some of these can even be purchased with your winnings in the game.


Another social element comes when activating the Big Deal at the end of the game. If you go it alone, you'll be able to only choose one of the three curtains in your attempt to find the Big Deal prize (normally an extravagant trip or other expensive item). If you invite friends in to help however, you can have up to two chances, greatly increasing your chances of receiving the ultimate prizes.

Ultimately, the game comes with a few issues, like incredibly loud sound effects that drown out most of Wayne Brady's voice work (to the point you'll need to turn it off completely), and a simple lack of any real social features outside of basic requests sent between friends. Still, if you're a fan of these kinds of mini-games, it's worth taking a look at how the game show has transitioned to the Facebook platform.

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Have your tried Let's Make a Deal on Facebook? Are you sad that the game isn't more social than it ultimately is, or do you like the single-player mini-games? Sound off in the comments.

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