Kanye West met with Rovio, wants to fly with the Angry Birds [Report]

Angry Birds Kanye West
Angry Birds Kanye West

I'ma let you finish reading this article, but Angry Birds is one of the best games of all time. Of all time. (Sorry, don't know what came over us there.) According to The Sun, a British tabloid, infamous rapper Kanye West met with Finnish Angry Birds creator Rovio in London and "brainstormed ideas" for how the two entertainment giants could work together. It's OK, we're confused, too.

West is currently stationed in London working on his new clothing line as well as a new record with artists on his label. The rapper with terrible manners reportedly met with folks from Rovio earlier this month. "Kanye met the Angry Birds creators at a late-night meeting in the capital. It was his idea," a nameless source told The Sun. "They brainstormed ideas and talked about ways they could work together."

The Sun points out that Rovio reportedly turned down an offer worth more than £1billion, so it's no surprise that West wants in on that action. (We heard it was an offer from Zynga for over $2 billion, but who's counting?) Anyway, West recently went on a Twitter tirade, claiming that he needed "managers, doctors, scientists, teachers, car designers, lawyers and bankers" to expand his business empire.

Maybe these supposed talks with Rovio are part of what the guy who made those "sunglasses" popular was talking about. Hey, we'd totally be down some fly Angry Birds duds. Just please, Rovio, please don't put him in any of the games?

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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