House of the Day: The World's Safest House?

When the British phrase "safe as houses" was coined, this could have been a house they had in mind.

This 7,744-square-foot "safe house" in Los Angelesbelongs to, and was built and designed by, Al V. Corbi, founder of security mega-firm SAFE (Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments). It features two "panic rooms" and two "safe cores," which are essentially bedrooms that, through the locking of special doors, can be completely sealed off from the rest of the home (a handy feature, come Armaggedon).

The home also boasts its own rooftop helipad for Bond-like escapes. With its severe seclusion on its own private hilltop -- inside an exclusive two-home gated community -- we somehow doubt burglars would even have the patience to try and break into this home. I mean, we're talking seriously fortified here.

Take a Peek Inside This California "Safe House"
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House of the Day: The World's Safest House?

So how much does it cost to live in one of the world's "safest homes"? The Hollywood Hills fortress is currently on the market for $5.9 million; that's down by $4.495 million from its original asking price of $9.995 million in 2009. With its rooftop patio, two-level in-house theater and a kitchen with its very own commercial-grade pizza oven (because Pizza Hut has trouble getting through security, we imagine), we think it's a steal. Although, admittedly, we do agree with our friends over at Curbed that from the outside, the home is kind of a "temple to architectural insanity."

Bob Hurwitz of the Hurwitz James Company has the listing.

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