FarmVille Pic of the Day: Eek! There's a snake in CallMeTracy's cove

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Snakes don't exist in FarmVille and anyone who wants to go snake clobberin' can do it at Pioneer Trail. But the best way to have something you can't get in a game is to build it yourself, so one player crafted their own Loch Ness of Lighthouse Cove in the form of a giant water snake.

CallMeTracy's monstrous snake is made up of two kinds of trees that are densely packed together. By leaving spaces between the plots and choosing tall-growing crops, CallMeTracy has achieved a grassy effect on the land. Moreover, the snake's body is clustered by pink and yellow plants, creating the effect that it was slithering its way through the grass. For a final nice touch, CallMeTracy put a Gray Jersey Calf and your good 'ol Cow in the path of the snake's gaping maw.

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