FarmVille Lunar New Year Items: White Plum Tree, Great Wall and more

While CityVille has already been celebrating the Chinese / Lunar New Year for some time now, FarmVille is just getting in on the act now, with a set of themed items being released in the store. This theme isn't incredibly large, but there are trees, animals and more available for purchase. Here's a look at the newly available items.


White Plum Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Pink Plum Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Dragon Horse - 26 Farm Cash
New Year Panda - 18 Farm Cash


Garden Pavilion - 12 Farm Cash


Great Wall - 80,000 coins
Great Wall Tower - 200,000 coins

Avatar Costumes

Panda - 5 Farm Cash
Chinese Costume I - 15 Farm Cash

All of these items will be available for the next two weeks, but with the Chinese New Year just a few days away, I doubt this theme will grow much larger before it comes and goes. We might see one or two more small releases, and if we do, we'll make sure to bring you the details on those new items just as soon as we know more.

Are you excited to see Chinese / Lunar New Year items being made available yet again in FarmVille? Have you kept any of the items from previous Lunar New Year themes? Sound off in the comments.