CityVille Red Envelope Dragon Parade: Everything you need to know


Earlier this month, Zynga launched the Red Envelope Store in CityVille, giving users a chance to stock up on Red Envelopes in anticipation of the game's major Chinese New Year celebration which has now launched in the game this week via the Dragon Parade. If you're at least Level 12, you'll have access to a new building - the Chinese New Year Parade pavilion - that can then be used alongside your Red Envelopes to reward you with six themed items for your town.

To be specific, you'll need to head into your new goal called "Dragon Parade" (or Happy New Year!, if you go by the menu's title), and then click to place the Chinese New Year Parade building in your town. It requires six energy to completely build its frame, but luckily, you won't have to collect any buildings materials after. That is, it's ready to use as soon as you spend the six energy.

When looking inside the buildings, you'll be able to see how many Red Envelopes you have, and can trade those in for various items. There are six items in all, costing increasingly large amounts of Envelopes, which can be earned by either collecting them from your Red Envelope Store or by asking your friends to send them to you. Here's a rundown of the prizes you can win.

Chinese Theater - 5 Envelopes

  • Decoration

  • 12% Payout Bonus

Country Pagoda - 15 Envelopes

  • Decoration

  • 9% Payout Bonus

Firework Display - 30 Envelopes

  • Decoration

  • 22% Payout Bonus

Huang House - 75 Envelopes

  • Home

  • 280 - 550 population

  • 311 coins in rent every day

Courtyard House - 125 Envelopes

  • Home

  • 150 - 300 population

  • 105 coins in rent every four hours

Chinese Calligraphy School - 200 Envelopes

  • Community Building

  • Raises Population Cap by 1,780 citizens

You'll have around 40 days to collect as many Red Envelopes as you can before this event expires. It's possible that these items might be discounted (that is, require less Envelopes) as the feature draws to a close, and if that does end up being the case, we'll make sure to let you know.

Are you excited about the prizes being offered through this Dragon Parade stand, or were you hoping for a few businesses instead of all of these decorations? Sound off in the comments.