CityVille: Finish the Custom Car Shop for free and build new rides

Back in December, CityVille received the launch of the Custom Car Shop, allowing you to trigger the appearance of cars on your town's roads, and also allowing you to build new cars to appear in the future. At the feature's launch, it was a lengthy item collection process to simply finish the Custom Car Shop in the first place, let along actually building cars within it afterwards, but all of that has been changed this week.

The Custom Car Shop can now be built instantly in your town. Regardless of your status on collecting building materials, if you still haven't finished building yours, you can now do so by simply clicking on the building. From there, you can instantly start building the first four vehicles that were available at the feature's launch, or you can build one of the four new vehicles: Pedigree (van), Exemplar (sedan), Glacier (snow plow) or Phoenix (sports car).

The process for building the vehicles is the same as before: you'll need to collect parts either by asking friends to send them to you, or in some cases wait for cars to appear in your own town and then collect from them to receive some parts at random. Different cars require different parts, and in different quantities, so keep that in mind.

It's interesting that Zynga felt the need to make the Custom Car Shop an insta-build project, as it brings to mind the idea that perhaps the car feature wasn't as widely demanded as the company expected it to be. Or, perhaps users are finally getting tired of the constant building projects and friend requests and simply didn't adopt this feature as a result. Either way, it would be great if other buildings adopted the same setup, and you can be sure we'll let you know if that does happen.

For now, let us know what you think of this news in the comments. Are you excited to have cars in your town in CityVille, or will you just now adopt this feature since the building can be completed instantly? Sound off in the comments.
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