PopCap's new hidden-object game takes a Vacation Quest down under

Vacation Quest Australia
Vacation Quest Australia

In the middle of January, who wouldn't want to go south, but about way south? Everyone knows that hidden-object games are hottest thing under the sun right now (again), and PopCap was right there with them in their heyday. The Seattle-based casual games maker announced Vacation Quest Australia, the second iteration of the franchises available for Mac and PC now.

This next edition of Vacation Quest doesn't appear to be terribly different from the first, or any hidden-object game, for that matter. At any rate, PopCap promises 28 brand new hidden-object scenes packing over 2,200 objects. Based on the trailer below, it looks like players will have to unlock extensions to their Australian vacation by skillfully playing through three game modes: Vacation, Unlimited and Match 3 Bonus.

Vacation Quest Australia also contains seven mini-games to help break the inevitable monotony of finding hidden objects in various scenes. These mini games include word searches, match-three games, scene comparisons and more. Since a number of social game companies like Playdom and now Zynga have hopped on the hidden-object bandwagon on Facebook, PopCap couldn't have better timing releasing a new game.

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