Pioneer Trail Emporium: Everything you need to know

Remember that announcement that Zynga made earlier this month, about a Pioneer Trail building that would be so grand as to allow you to store other buildings inside it (buildings that aren't "storable" elsewhere)? Well, that item has been given a name: the Emporium, and it's now available to build on your own Homestead!

First, the rules. You must be at least Level 27 to access this Emporium building, and only specific buildings can be stored inside: the Trading Post, Land Office, Bank, General Store, Tailor Shop, Barber Shop, Kennel, Pet Store, Inn, Toll Booth and Fireworks Stand. Once you place a building inside your completed Emporium, you'll be able to access its Crafting Workbench (where applicable) through one new unified crafting menu within the Emporium. In this way, you'll save land space by being able to store these buildings, but won't have to pull them back out again to use their various functions.

To build the Emporium, you'll need to place the base on your Homestead first. It's a large base, but remember just how much space you'll be able to save after completing it. You'll need to collect building materials to actually finish it off, as you might have expected:

  • 10 Massive Planks

  • 10 Ornate Windows

  • 10 Measuring Ropes

  • 15 Huge Door Frames

  • 15 Victorian Lamps

  • 15 Wooden Columns

The Massive Planks, Ornate Windows and Measuring Ropes are earned through general news items on your wall, while the other three items come from individual requests sent to friends. When the Emporium is complete, you can start to store the buildings inside it, and can collect from them all at the same time via a simple click of the mouse. You can also look inside the Emporium to see exactly which buildings are inside and their functions, as seen below.

Of course, there are also goals to complete in this event, so let's take a look at those now.

Birth of an Emporium

  • Place Emporium

  • Store 3 Buildings into the Storage Shed

  • Collect 10 Homestead Layout Plans

Rewards: 700 XP, 425 coins, 2 Black Sheep

Moving Day

  • Finish the Emporium

  • Add 2 Buildings to the Emporium

  • Craft 5 Moving Equiment

Rewards: 2,012 XP, Emporium Daily Bonus, Market Street Sign

Back in Business

  • Collect All Emporium Daily Bonus 4 Times

  • Tend 250 Crops

  • Clear 25 Debris

Reward: 3,312 XP, Emporium Customization, 3 Emporium Mystery Crates (these crates can contain energy, XP, Food, coins, decorations, trees, boosts and more)

All told, this is a fairly complicated building and goal process, but I think the amount of land space you'll save when all is said and done makes up for any hardships along the way. It's unfortunate that there still has to be so much work involved in something that should have been available from the start of the game (arguably), but I suppose we'll just have to accept this Emporium in its current form, as it's better than nothing at all.

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the Emporium in Pioneer Trail? Will you build one as quickly as you can, or do you like looking at the individual buildings on your Homestead? Sound off in the comments.