Hidden Chronicles Starter Packs offer premium scenes for 50% off

And who doesn't like a 50% off sale? If you're looking for a way to gain an edge over your friends in Zynga's Hidden Chronicles on Facebook, you can now do just that with the purchase of one of two Starter Packs that are available in the game. The two Starter Packs vary in contents and in price, but they both offer Estate Cash, free energy refills and even a premium scene or two. Here's the lineup for each offering:

$5 Starter Pack (a $10 value):

  • 40 Energy

  • Compact Car

  • 20 Estate Cash

  • Jewelry Store premium scene

$15 Starter Pack (a $30 value):

  • 100 Energy

  • 40 Estate Cash

  • Grand Fountain

  • Venice Canals premium scene

  • Art Studio premium scene

Again, these premium scenes are just that: premium, and are only available otherwise by spending Estate Cash on them in the store. The Jewelry Store scene normally costs 10 Cash, the Venice Canals normally costs 25 Cash, and the Art Studio is normally priced at 35 Estate Cash. As for the Compact Car and Grand Fountain, these items normally cost 4,500 coins and 36 Estate Cash each, respectively.

What does all of these mean? Basically, these are some pretty good deals. With each starting hidden object scene now costing 10 energy per play, instead of eight, your energy will run out quicker than ever, so combine these free energy points with all of the rest of the goodies in each Starter Pack and you have a completely justifiable purchase in my mind. We'll make sure to let you know if additional bargains like these launch in the future, so keep checking back with us.

What do you think of these Starter Packs? Will you purchase either one to give you a boost in Hidden Chronicles, or are you fine playing the game completely free? Sound off in the comments.