Playfish gives 'mystery seekers' a chance to play 'something different'

Mystery detectiveIn other words, Playfish has a new game in the works, and the EA-owned creator of The Sims Social wants some beta testers. Playfish community manager Bevypoo has posted an open call-out on The Sims Social forums for beta testers to try the developer's brand new game. "Playfish is seeking avid and active gamers of all ages for the closed beta of their top secret 'mystery' project on the 23rd of January," the post reads.

In order to be one of lucky few chosen as a beta tester, would-be players must complete a survey, and those approved will receive their closed beta invitation via email. However, those with no plans to contribute feedback while playing the new game need not apply. Playfish is only looking for those that "have what it takes to contribute to making our game the best it can be by launch."

The lead image of the post is telling as to what Playfish's mystery game might entail. For one, we already know that the game will involve--duh?--mysteries and could take place in a jungle. Admittedly, we've seen nothing of the game. But can't help but find it funny that, while Playfish offers "something different," the hints so far are terribly reminiscent of existing Facebook games. We'll see whether Playfish can prove us wrong sometime in 2012.
Playfish mystery game
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