Margaritaville Online to get social, iPad gamers a bit tipsy come Jan. 25

Margaritville Online launch dateThe time for Jimmy Buffett's boisterous romp on Facebook and iPad just inched closer. You know, like, "next week" closer? THQ announced that Margaritaville Online will hit both Facebook and iPad on Jan. 25. Developed by Exploding Barrel Games, Buffett's first foray into social gaming sports full 3D graphics, which THQ has put to clever use through animated GIF images.

In the chuckle-worthy animation below, THQ tells players to "Protect Your Junk." We doubt that means anything other than an excuse to publish that ridiculous image. But what we do know is that both THQ and Exploding Barrel have built players up in the Margaritaville Online closed beta for all of December, offering players free holiday-themed gifts.

Now, fans of the Jimmy Buffett universe will get to hop into their very own Margaritaville. And old Jimmy has big plans for his digital venture, like connecting both games (somehow) to his chain of restaurants and hotels through goods purchased in-game. We'll see whether Margaritaville floats amidst the lot of social games come Jan. 25.
Margaritaville Online launches Jan. 25
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