Job Seeker's Expletive-Filled Cover Letter Gets Wrong Kind of Response

worst cover letter of all timeIf you've been unemployed for months, like many Americans, and applied to dozens of jobs, you may be understandably frustrated. One applicant apparently had so much frustration that pure, unadulterated vitriol overflowed onto his cover letter to a Houston-based creative agency.

Someone at that company reportedly sent a copy of the email to Gawker, in which the job-seeker writes:

"Good morning [REDACTED]

Attached is my resume, along with a few writing samples. If you have any questions, please feel free to f****** contact me at [REDACTED]. And if you don't im gonna be f****** p*****!! So come on stop b*********** and call me ;)
Thanks C***!"

The shamelessly sloppy grammar, gratuitous expletives, and unnerving use of a winkface emoticon to a recipient that the sender apparently assumed was female, as well as the fact that the resume and writing samples were not in fact attached, led Gawker to speculate that this was perhaps a "jokey draft."

Maybe the author intended it only for personal catharsis or to amuse his friends, but his finger slipped and clicked send instead. Regardless, given that the internship was in public relations and copywriting, he hasn't exactly proven his chops for the job.

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