Prepare yourself for Flying Kingdoms, Vostu's next big Facebook game

Flying Kingoms Facebook game
Flying Kingoms Facebook game

And we'll be damned if it doesn't look just plain adorable. Vostu teased its next major Facebook game with the launch of its real-time arcade soccer game GolMania. Now, we know a bunch more about the Brazilian social game maker's next release, like its name: Flying Kingdoms, according to its official Facebook fan page. The game does not yet have a release date.

In Flying Kingdoms, players will do essentially the expected: build their own kingdoms, enlist friends to help them explore new lands and face terrible enemies. Keep in mind, however, that we don't know the specifics behind Flying Kingdoms, which could help the game sound a lot less like existing competitors, such as CastleVille.

To help build buzz about the game, Zynga's southern rival plans to release three different mini games on the Flying Kingdoms Facebook fan page to give would-be players a better idea of what to expect in the final game, or to "train" them. The first mini game is already live, which tasks players with choosing the must-have companions, items and, of course, kingdom with which to adventure. It's already clear that story and characters will receive a major focus in Flying Kingdoms.

That's about all we know about Flying Kingdoms, so check out the game's Facebook fan page to see for yourself. To access the mini games and be kept in the know of the game's impending release, you'll have to "Like" Flying Kingdoms, too. Hey, the more "Likes" the game gets, the more we find out.

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