Ex-MetroGames staffers seek legal action against Coco Girl maker

MetroGames layoffs
MetroGames layoffs

Hey man, that's the kind of stuff that happens when you allegedly deny employees a month's pay. That's what ex-employees of MetroGames told Gamasutra of their ongoing fight with the Argentina-based creator of hits like Coco Girl. Last month, it was reported that the company essentially pressured many of its staffers into quitting so that it wouldn't have to offer severance packages.

Now, the former staff members are planning legal action against the company to begin next month, demanding that MetroGames pay them for December's work and--for those who were ultimately laid off--severance compensation. "Until this day, we haven't received our salary corresponding to the month of December, our bonuses and our compensation for sudden layoff," the ex-staffers said in a statement provided to Gamasutra. "The stipulated date for them to pay this sum is long overdue, but we have to wait until February to begin legal action against MetroGames, because of the judicial recess that takes place in January here in Argentina. Many of the former MetroGames' employees have been left in a dire situation: without money, job and in debt."

According to Gamasutra, the former staff members accused MetroGames co-owners Julian Lisenberg and Damian Harburguer of "shady maneuvers" during the course of the layoffs in December. The former staffers also told Gamasutra that MetroGames management is keeping a small staff on board to keep games like Coco Girl afloat amidst serious financial problems.

All of this is a shock, frankly, considering Coco Girl alone welcomes 3 million monthly players and 500,000 daily players on Facebook, according to AppData. We've contacted MetroGames for comment and will update this story if necessary.

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