CityVille Platinum Towers joins the game's Skyscraper feature

If you were already a fan of CityVille's Mirror Heights Skyscraper (and perhaps you already built yours to its highest possible height), there's another Skyscraper available to you now: The Platinum Towers. This Platinum Towers structure is smaller than the Mirror Heights option, being just a square rather than a long rectangle, but the process for building it is the same.

As you upgrade the Skyscraper by collecting increasingly large amounts of various building ingredients, you'll see the Skyscraper change in design visually, becoming taller and more complex in appearance. The first upgrade requires just three nine parts in total:

  • 3 Digital Elevators

  • 3 Glass Pillars

  • 3 Escalators

These items (and all subsequent items) will be earned through a combination of general news feed posts and individual requests sent out to friends. For the first few levels, your Platinum Towers home will offer anywhere from 100-200 citizens to your town. As you make your way closer to the final upgrade - Level 6 - you'll pass into the size that offers 500-1100 citizens, and finally, the last step will take your Platinum Towers to offering a whopping 3,500-5,500 citizens in your town.

While it may take quite a while to actually build each of the game's skyscrapers, the results are fairly fantastic for those cities that are lacking in space. Why build out when you can build up, taking up the same amount of land space but achieving such high results? We'll make sure to let you know when additional Skyscrapers launch in the game, and how you can build those as well.

What do you think of the Skyscapers feature in CityVille? Have you completed the construction of the Mirror Heights option, or will you start off with the Platinum Towers instead? Sound off in the comments.