Adventure World Scientific Study Expedition: Everything you need to know

While most Expeditions in Adventure World deal only with completing quests within themselves, or perhaps even over-arching storylines across multiple Expeditions, the new Scientific Study Expedition is a bit more important, as it will help you build Emily's Zoology Tent back on your Base Camp. As we've told you, Emily's Zoology Tent allows you to earn some of the animals that you'll interact with on Expeditions, but you'll need to collect ingredients for it first. Those ingredients can be earned by asking friends or completing this Scientific Survey Expedition.

To start this Expedition, you'll need 100 Supplies, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water. You'll have five days to finish it off, so let's get started.

The Jungle Provides

  • Ask friends for 12 Tough Vines

  • Build 6 Vine Bridges

  • Recover 6 Zoology Caches

The Tough Vines come from a general news post you'll place on your wall. You can also find some at random by whacking bushes. You'll need two vines for each bridge you'd like to construct, with the caches themselves being found at the top left-hand corner of the map.

Flower Power

  • Collect 5 Pink Flower Pollen

  • Collect 5 Blue Flower Pollen

  • Collect 5 Orange Flower Pollen

  • Use Medicine Table to Make Mixtures

Don't worry about actually collecting pollen - just picking the flowers off of the map will add them to their respective tallies. The table can be found to the right of a large blue push block, but you'll need to collect at least three flower pollen before actually using the table (that is, you'll end up using it five times).

Frontiers of Science

  • Collect 9 Outpost Materials

  • Use 8 Tent Sites to Build Outpost

  • Use Generator to Power Outpost

The Outpost Materials come in standard wooden crates that can simply be "used" with a single click to open them. The Generator is near the Medicine Table in the quest above, right beside a Well. It requires three energy to "use" completely. Finally, the Tent Sites are right next to the Generator, represented by piles of wood on the map. You will need to use Outpost Materials to construct the tents, so you'll want to look out for those wooden crates first.

When you complete this Expedition, you will likely have gathered all of the parts necessary to complete Emily's Zoology Tent back on your Base Camp, and can begin to use the structure to gather animals from the game's various Expeditions. It's a neat new feature, but whether or not it's worth the trouble of actually building it will be up to you.

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What do you think of Emily's Zoology Tent and this Scientific Survey Expedition? Will you complete the tent without playing through this Expedition, or do you need all of the help you can get in earning its building materials? Sound off in the comments.