Adventure World Emily's Zoology Tent: Everything you need to know

In keeping with the other character-themed buildings released previously in Adventure World, bookworm Emily has now been given her very own Tent. Of course, you'll need to build it first.

Emily's Zoology Tent is unlike the other tents in the game (like Zoey's Tent, for instance), in that you'll be able to use it to collect wild animals from Expeditions, rather than using it to create gadgets that can be used to overcome obstacles. To build it, you'll need to collect 60 materials, all of which can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you:

  • 15 Food Bowls

  • 15 Cuddlebugs

  • 15 Chew Toys

  • 15 Pooper Scoopers

In addition to asking your friends or purchasing these ingredients with Adventure Cash, you can also play a special map called the "Scientific Survey" to collect these parts. The Scientific Survey is a new Expedition found immediately after Cave of Montezuma on the list. It requires just 100 Supplies, and two each of Food, Fuel and Water to start. You'll have five days to complete it once you begin, and we'll have a complete guide for you on how to finish the expedition just as soon as we can you can find our complete guide to completing this Expedition right here.

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Are you excited to see another building project added to Adventure World, especially if it gives you a chance at new animals? Sound off in the comments.