Will City of Wonder be next on Playdom's chopping block?

Poor City of Wonder. Playdom's medieval-esque city-builder on Facebook is really struggling, sitting at just 320,000 monthly active users. While the game and its Facebook fan page are still actively updated, such low user numbers cause me to speculate: could City of Wonder be the next game Playdom shuts down?

Back in November, the company announced the closure of Social City, which fell to 270,000 monthly players before the announcement was made. Do a bit of math, and we can see that the two games are only 50,000 users apart. Could those 50,000 users be enough to save this one, or should we all start saying our farewells to another game?

Furthermore, could City of Wonder's falling popularity be the reason that City of Might / Warfare is still unavailable? The last update for that game was back in November of 2011, when we were told that Playdom was testing the game in a closed beta. Still, we first heard about the game way back in June at E3, so what's the big holdup? With City of Might being a more militarized take on City of Wonder, we can't help but think that the delay has something to do with City of Wonder's recent state.

Either way (we are just speculating after all), we'll make sure to keep an extra eye on City of Wonder (and City of Might) and will let you know if things start to look up for either game.

Are you still a fan of City of Wonder on Facebook? Did you forget that City of Might was even in development? Sound off in the comments.

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