First Wendy's, now McDonald's grants free energy in The Sims Social

The Sims Social McDonald's Fries
The Sims Social McDonald's Fries

Is there something about fast food and Facebook games that just goes hand-in-hand? (Well, at least then we might have yet another excuse for American obesity.) EA and Playfish have partnered up with McDonald's to score its The Sims Social players some free energy in the game. And all they have to do is watch a cute little video. You know, the ones you simply can't resist?

At the bottom of The Sims Social game screen rests an icon that reads, "McDonald's Fries give your Sim a +3 Energy Boost!" Click on the link, watch the 17-second clip, and the McDonald's Fries item will appear in your inventory. The clips are cringe-worthy, self-serving advertisements touting the natural sources behind the fast food giant's delicious if calorie-packed food.

However, players can watch these videos over and over until their Sims' backpacks fill with 15 of the energy-packed McDonald's Fries. And it looks as if, when you use all 15 instances of the item, you can simply watch more clips and restock for as long as the promotion is around. Unfortunately, it's only available to U.S. residents, which is a shame considering Playfish is in the UK. At any rate, click on the ad below the game to load up on the free energy (and laughable McDonald's clips).

Would you click on these ads for the free energy? What do you think of this approach to in-game advertising in Facebook games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.